Sturdy portable stage blocks constructed from 15mm Mediteâ„¢ (a high grade medium density fibreboard) with a white ash frame and a hardwearing Permafreshâ„¢ carpeted surface. The blocks can be easily put together by either children or adults, then after use can be easily dismantled for storage with all the components fittings inside the inverted top.
Large Unit is 76cm wide x 76cm deep x 40cm high (0.56cbm)
Step Unit is 76cm wide x 40cm deep x 20cm high.
Available individually, or as a set of 4 with 1 step (2.25cbm) and as a set of 8 with 2 steps(4.48cbm).

KNL750        Large Single Unit

KNL375        Step Unit

KNL400        4 Units and 1 Step Unit

KNL800        8 Units and 2 Step Unit

KNL720        8 Units, 2 Step Units and Trolley

ETR400        Storage Trolley only

Stage Blocks

  • Product Code: KNL375-KNL800