• ArmaSport Mats
• Light and elastic with good energy absorbtion
• Slip Resistant
• Phthalate and latex free
• Meets DIN EN 12503
• Can also be used for hydrotherapy
These lightweight mats are constructed from closed cell foam which gives ideal pressure point elastic shock absorption and very good lateral stability, preventing slip and giving a firm footing. The sanitized treatment of the mat gives protection against bacteria and fungal growth. Suitable for both fitness and rehabilitation/physiotherapy.

ArmaSport Mats

  • Product Code: SMA100-SMA100

Available Options

★ SMA105 - ArmaSport Mats - 1400 long x 600 wide x 15mm - Each
★ SMA110 - ArmaSport Mats - 1800 long x 800 wide x 15mm - Each
★ SMA100 - ArmaSport Mats - 1400 long x 600 wide x 10mm - Each