• Jump for Joy - Sport

The Jump for Joy Sport range is ideal for aspiring gymnasts (aged 7 to 11 years approx.) working within a more formal approach to skill and physical education goals. Every item can be used for a specific activity whilst combination of several pieces create variety and challenge. Children can confidently attempt basic gymnastic elements encouraged by the soft support of the sport range or just feel inspired to try all the climbing, sliding and jumping activities their imagination suggests.

Complete set of 7 pieces, complete with support pack, comprising

JJS100     Jump for Joy Barrel 

JJS130    Jump for Joy Large Wedge

JJS131    Jump for Joy Small Wedge

JJS140    Jump for Joy Cuboid

JJS120    Jump for Joy Soft Box

JJS110    Jump for Joy Large Bridge

JJS111    Jump for Joy Small Bridge

JJJ100    Support Pack      

Jump for Joy - Sport

  • Product Code: JJS190

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