The Gym Centre Mat Set comprises 6 pieces and 3 smaller infills. The mats are 30mm thick and have hook and loop flaps allowing them to be securely fixed around the frame, This clever design gives the ability to change the layout of the mat set allowing it to be used in three different configurations, 'T', 'Y' and 'T/Y'  (subject to available anchor points in the floor for the frame). The Mat Set can also be used with the Rainbow Frame and the Kaleidoscope Frame.

The Mat Set is also available with a vertical mat  trolley which will hold the complete set for easy storage or transportation.

RAN150    Mat Set to fit Gym Centre, Rainbow and Kaleidoscope Frames

LGT303    Mat Set complete with Storage /Transport Trolley

Gym Centre Mat Set

  • Product Code: LGT303 - RAN150

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