Suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 The Gym Time Pack includes the full range of Trestle sizes which be be used both with and without the Plain Tops and Top Pads, together with a range of linking equipment and a Balance Bench. Also included is the Support Pack containing suggested layouts, worksheets in a printable PDF format and some warm up music.

The set comprises :

LGT010        Large Trestle 1070mm high                                    x 2

LGT020        Medium Trestle 760mm high                                 x 2

LGT030        Small Trestle 450mm high                                      x 2

LGT040        Plain Top 970mm long x 430mm                          x 6

LGT050        Top Pad 970mm x 430mm                                     x 6

LGT060        Balance Bench 2400mm long                                x 1

LGT070        Balance Bench Top Pad 2250mm long                x 1

LGT080        Hoop 2600mm long                                                x 1

LGT090        Hoop 2100mm long                                                x 1

LGT100        Single Bar 2050mm long                                        x 2

LGT110        Ladder 1900mm long                                             x 1

LGT120        Balance/Slide Plank 1850mm long                       x 1

LGT130        Support Pack                                                            x 1

LGT925    Gym Time Set complete with the Gym Time Mat Set and Mat Trolley

GymTime Pack

  • Product Code: LGT900