Suitable for use at Key Stage one, the Gym Centre consists of three frames each with a different range of activities. The frames are joined and open into a ‘Y’ configuration to offer a multitude of activity and linking possibilities. The Gym Centre is easily folded against the wall when not in use, protruding only 0.2m. Frame 1 is a rope frame and is fixed directly to a wall for extra rigidity, and features 2 climbing ropes (1 with turks head knots) and a rope ladder. Frame 2 is a conventional style climbing frame with horizontal bars. Frame 3 is an in and out frame introducing children to a more free style climbing experience.
The frame is suitable for use with traditional gymnastic equipment as well as other elements of the Gym Time range.
Space requirements : When in use in a ‘Y’ configuration, 3m from the wall and 3.5m wide. A further 2m circulation area around the equipment is recommended.
When folded the frame is 2.5m high, 2m wide and 0.2m deep.

Gym Centre

  • Product Code: LGT300