• Gym Time Support Pack
The market survey carried out by KPMG indicated that in many junior and infant schools, the job of teaching movement and gymnastics was falling on non-specialists. It was indicated that they particularly might find it useful to have some suggestions as to how the equipment might be laid out and used. Niels Larsen felt the need to offer the purchaser a usable system of which the equipment was only one part, so they approached Kate Pearson to draw up a set of worksheets to help teachers assemble, lay-out, use and store Gym Time.
The support pack consists of 2 cd’s , one containing a pdf file with 22 worksheets, the other an audio file of ‘ The Gym Time Song’ which is suitable for warm activities.
Also included is an allen key for affixing the trestle and bench top pads.

Gym Time Support Pack

  • Product Code: LGT130