As the name suggests this climbing frame is a combination of two gates installed alongside each other on the wall, then opening parelle to each other. The two gates are connected by a bracing bar which then offers an additional option of attaching climbing ropes or ropes and ladder. The frame can be either ladder or wire braced.  The frame can also be installed in a foldover format where wall space is insufficient to allow the frames to be stored side by side. This version does not have a bracing bar so the rope option is unavailable.

DOUB01    Spectrum Double Frame Wire Braced

DOUB02    Spectrum Double Frame Ladder Braced

FOLD01     Spectrum Foldover Frame Wire Braced

FOLD02     Spectrum Foldover Frame Ladder Braced

Also available is an Accessory Set comprising linking/bridging items of the correct length to fit between the two gates of the frame, and is available with or without a storage/transport trolley.

DOUB05    Accessory Set for Spectrum Double/Foldover Frame

DOUB06    Accessory Set for Spectrum Doubler/Foldover Frame with Trolley  

The Mat Set for the Double/foldover Frame consists of 6 mats, each 1470mm x 1000mm x 30mm thick, with hook and loop flaps to hold the mats securely in position.

DOU005    Mat Set to fit Double/Foldover Frame

Spectrum Double and Foldover Frames

  • Product Code: DOUB01- DOUB02