This is our best selling frame, consisting of 3 timber gates, designs of your choice, which can be used in either a "T" or "Y" configuration if ladder braced, or a "Y" configuration if wire braced. L:adder bracing will require additional floor anchors for the ladders while wire bracing requires sufficient wall space.

The ladder braced Spectrum Triple Frame can be further extended by the addition of a Fixed Wall Ladder which can be used when the frame is in a "T" position. It enables linking pieces to be attached bridging between the Wall Ladder and one gate of the Frame. The Wall Ladder is of timber construction with coloured steel bars.

FWL100    Fixed Wall Ladder for Laddert Braced Spectrum rame

Our Spectrum Triple Frame Accessory Set provides a choice of linking equipment which can be used either with the wall ladder or to link to other pieces o equipment. It comprises 1 x 3m Timber Linking Ladder, 1 x 3m Linking Beam (which can also be used floor standing), 1 x 3m Aluminium Linking Parallel Bars , and a Fixed Wall Ladder.

SPEC03    Spectrum Triple Frame Accessory Set

A Mat Set is also available for this frame, witgh hook and loop flaps to hold the mats in position. The set consists of 6 larger mats each 2802mm long x 1000mm wide x 30mm thick, with 3 smaller infills which allow the set to be used in 3 different configurations.

SPEC10    Mat Set to fit Spectrum Triple Frame

Spectrum Triple Climbing Frame

  • Product Code: SPEC01 - SPEC02