A colourful and robust Climbing Frame suitable for use in Key Stage 1 and 2 activities.
It is constructed with 32mm dia tubular steel within a 50 x 25 box section frame, the powder coated finish providing wear and scratch resistance.
The frame can be used in both ‘T’ and ‘Y’ configurations, and is braced by two steel ladders for extra stability.
Each gate measures is 1830mm wide, with a choice of 3 heights and 6 gate designs
When folded against the wall the frame occupies an area of 2m wide x 240mm deep x selected height

RAN090        2400mm high

RAN100        2700mm high

RAN115        3000mm high

Also available are a fixed wall ladder for use with the frame in a T position, which then allows linking items to be added between the ladder and the climbing frame giving scope for additional activities.

STF330            Fixed Wall Ladder for Rainbow Frame

STF550            Linking Parallel bars in green

STF440            Linking Single Pole in green 

STF111            Linking Beam with green hooks/feet, can also be used as a freestanding beam

STF220            Linking Ladder in green

STF600            Linking Cat Ladder


Also available is a mat set which can be used with the frame in a Y configuration, a T configuration, or a T/Y configuration

RAN150        Mat Set to fit Rainbow Frame 

Rainbow Frame

  • Product Code: RAN100