• Climbing Frame Gate Design Choices
Niels Larsen Climbing Frames have been re-designed to ease the process of selection and installation. In conjunction with our Price List, simply select your Climbing Frame by following these simple guidelines:

1. Choose the type of frame required. Does a single, double, foldover or Y-shaped (Spectrum) frame best suit your needs? You will need a Fixing Master Kit for the type of frame chosen. Our kits contain everything that is needed for installation in most situations.

2. Select the frame design(s) requires, and decide whether you prefer traditional oval timber bars or ‘colour coded’ round steel bars. Our most popular frame designs are illustrated. It is important that, within a particular unit, the combination of frame designs are appropriate for the ages and abilities of the users.

3. Check whether the site chosen requires the use of projection brackets or other non-standard fitments.

4. Specify those items of portable equipment to be used in conjunction with your climbing frame. These may include lightweight alloy poles and ladders, agility planks, and balance benches.

Climbing Frame Gate Design Choices

  • Product Code: CFT001-CFT006