• Climbing Frame Spectrum

Spectrum, or Y hinged frames are perhaps the best option for the school gymnasium and are now one of our most popular product ranges. The space saving Y configuration allows the frame to be used in quite small areas to full advantage. All three sections can be used simultaneously for a great variety of movement and exercise and the unit can be easily opened and closed even by smaller children. When stored the unit only requires a relatively small wall area.

Our standard units are 2.74m (9') wide and 3.05m (10') high, but custom sizes can easily be accommodated to suit individual sites and user requirements.

The timber units can be fitted with traditional oval bars or brightly coloured powder coated steel bars. To ensure safety and stability the frame can be either wire or ladder braced and is also fitted with a rigid connecting link where appropriate.

The standard Spectrum Frame is supplied with three gates to form a Y configuration, but can also be supplied as a double frame(stored either side by side on the wall, or a fold over variant is available where space is retricted) or a single frame.

The gate designs can be chosen from the selection.

Climbing Frame Spectrum

  • Product Code: CFC001-CFT006