• Agility Set 19 pieces

A large and colourful selection of agility equipment to enable the teaching of a wide range of gymnastic skills, and can be used in numerous configurations. Suitable for use in primary schools, all the pieces can be used individually, as part of the set or combined with other equipment such as climbing frames etc


PGK020 Set of 19 pieces, comprises as follows


LAT160                  Set of 6 Agility Tables, in heights of 300, 460, 610, 760,910 and 1070mm

LAR400                 Set of 3 Agility Trestles in heights of 610, 910 and 1220mm

PFE030 x 2           Timber Steel Linking Beam 2130mm long x 100mm wide

LAP116                 Timber Slide 1830mm long

LAP857                 Timber Storming Plank 2130mm long

LAP700                 Padded Timber Plank 2130mm long

PFE010                  Parallel Linking Bars 2130mm long

LAP807 x 2           Timber Agility Plank 2130mm long

PFE020                  Linking Cat Ladder 2130mm long

PFE040                  Linking Ladder 2130mm long



Agility Set 19 pieces

  • Product Code: PGK020