The Gym Time Balance Bench offers many advantages over traditional models:
• A removable padded top gives a padded/plain option by simply unscrewing from underneath.
• Gym Time hoops can be located across and along the length of the bench.
• The bench has been designed to give a continuous smooth surface either as a bench or balance bean.
• A 100mm wide balance beam complies with International standards and as a part of the system can be arranged at a variety of heights and inclines.
• The wider base of the legs increases stability in use.
• A hook and loop fastening system allows secure fixing to trestles and wallbars in an inclined or suspended position.
• This fixing system eliminates the risk of the bench slipping when attached to other equipment.

LGT059    Gym Time Balance Bench complete with Top Pad

LGT060    Gym Time Balance Bench with Plain Top

LGT070    Top Pad only for Gym Time Balance Bench

Gym Time Balance Bench

  • Product Code: LGT060-LGT060

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