• Lita®bench Upholstered Top

Probably the lightest (and most well designed !) bench you can buy. Ideal for easy movement and storage , particularly in primary schools. The frame is manufactured in aluminium for minimal weight and can be supplied with either upholstered or timber tops in a choice of 4 colours. The bench can also be used inverted as the base is fitted with an unobstructed 100mm carpeted balance rail. The top is protected from damage when used upside down by large specially designed rubber feet which give excellent grip and stability. Hooks are provided at both ends to link the Lita®bench to other equipment.
Size: 2.4m long x 313mm wide x 340mm high 7’10” long x 1’ wide x 1’2” high
Weight: 13.7kg

LBL900        Lita®Bench    Upholstered and Padded Top Red

LBL901        Lita®Bench    Upholstered and Padded Top Green

LBL902        Lita®Bench    Upholstered and Padded Top Blue

LBL903        Lita®Bench    Upholstered and Padded Top Yellow

LBL909        Lita®Bench    Upholstered and Padded Top Set of 4 with 1 o each colour

Lita®bench Upholstered Top

  • Product Code: LBL900-LBL909

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