Quality and Environmental

 Niels Larsen Limited has developed an integrated management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001.

 The Organisational Context of Niels Larsen has been used in the development of this policy by ensuring applicable external and internal factors have been considered along with the needs &expectations of interested parties that are relevant to the company‚Äôs direction and improvement and performance.

 The company places high emphasis on continually improving its processes and products to exceed the requirements of customers.

 The company complies with legal and customer requirements and strives to continuously improve the performance, quality, and environmental aspects of processes, products and services by enhancing the skills of staff and constantly seeking ways to meet new challenges.

 As a company we are committed to the following:

  •  Compliance with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements related to our activities, products and services and their environmental aspects.

  •  Identifying quality and environmental objectives by review and audit of our processes.

  •  Formally setting objectives based on the results of the process audits and their significance in relation to their impact on the environment, performance and the continual improvement of the quality and environmental management system.

  • Implementing management programmes to achieve these objectives.

  • Investing in a well-trained and motivated staff.

  • Identifying and eliminating all forms of wastes that do not bring value to the customer.

  • Working closely with our suppliers and customers to ensure mutual understanding, competitive advantage and benefit.

  • Reviewing our policy and objectives as part of the management review process.

  • Communicating this policy to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation.

  • Continually preventing waste and pollution to the environment.

 This Policy and the Organisational Context are live documents that are reviewed during annual Management Review to support the setting of objectives & targets to achieve the intended results of the Quality Management System.

 The Directors and management team confirm their commitment and support, along with that of all employees, to compliance of this policy and the continual improvement of the Quality and Environmental management system.

Teresa Goodchild

Managing Director