Wall Bars Assembly

WBS100 Single Section Wall Bar.

 • Unpack the parts supplied and check carefully against the parts list – see below:-
Inform your supplier immediately of any shortages.

 • Lay out all of the uprights (touching side by side) on the floor with the rear of each upright uppermost. The top of each upright is easily identified by the offset oval bar housing “second from the top”.

 • To mark the location of the top wall pad, measure 300mm down and 395mm down from the top of the upright and scribe two pencil lines square across all uprights. To mark the location of the bottom wall pad, repeat this procedure at the bottom of the uprights.

 • To joint the 95mm wide wall pad into all of the uprights, remove material from between the scribed lines to a depth of 10mm using a chisel or similar tool.

 • Turn all uprights over and insert all of the oval bars into the uprights. Secure using (MCS114) machine screw end fixings. Check the diagonals of the assembled unit for “squareness” before repeating the procedure until all other oval bars are similarly secured.

 • Locate the wall pads in the prepared rebates in the uprights and secure using the (LBA242) angle brackets and (WDS760) 1” pozi screws.

 • No wall fixings are supplied with this equipment. The Installer must ensure that appropriate fixings are used for the type of wall construction. i.e Brick, Concrete, Plaster etc…

Note that these units may be raised clear of the floor – Hygienic style – to allow cleaning underneath, or floor mounted. If floor mounting is preferred, a bottom wall pad may not be necessary and the (LBA242) angle brackets supplied may be used to secure the units vertically, directly into the floor.

Important: These notes are for general guidance only. The assembly and installation of wall bars is safety critical and should only be undertaken by an experienced gymnasium contractor or otherwise suitably qualified persons.