Traverse Panels

The Traverse Panels are manufactured from strong 18mm thick Finnish Birch Ply with a weatherproof surface (uv resistant polypropylene laminate) enabling the panels to be used both indoors and outdoors.
The top panel is 2440mm x 600mm (8’ x 2’) while the bottom panel is 2440mm x 400mm (8’ x 1’4”) and the set comprises 1 of each panel, one for hand holds and one for footholds. Each pair of panels is supplied with 50 hand holds , 47 of which are already fitted to the panels, with 3 spares. Extra hand hold sets are available to purchase separately.

The holds are suitable for plywood walls only and should not be affixed directly to the wall.
The bottom panel should be placed as close as possible to the ground, so that the height to the top edge of the bottom panel is no more than 600mm , otherwise safety surfacing may have to be considered.
The height of the top panel can be varied according to the age/height of users.

The panels are supplied with Universal Frame fixing bolts(details below) which are suitable for concrete, hollow or standard brickwork, and stone. The panels should be affixed to a structurally sound wall (if unsure we would recommend consulting a structural engineer).

The bottom panel should be the first to be installed and when marking out the positions for the bolts it is important to avoiding drilling into mortar joints.

Mark out the position for the bottom panel, using a spirit level to ensure it will be level

The panels and holds can be cleaned with a scrubbing brush and hot soapy water.