Traditional Benches

Available in 3 sizes and with or without hooks. And all sizes can be supplied with castors
1800mm (6’) long x 340mm wide x 330mm high
2670mm (8’9”) long x 340mm wide x 330mm high
3350mm (11’) long x 340mm wide x 330mm high

These traditional benches are constructed to the highest standard using only selected timbers to give resilience and durability. The bench legs are jointed into both the bench top and the bench foot and balance rail is dovetailed, all ensuring a bench with optimum structural stability. Hardwood fillets are inserted into the bench top end to prevent splitting. Rubber buttons and rubber feet prevent damage to both the bench and floor, when in use.

Health & Safety
A risk assessment should always be carried out prior to use.
Should always be used under supervision, particularly when used on the incline.
Do not use on uneven surfaces. Periodically check for splinters, loose fittings or screws. At any sign of damage take out of service immediately, until repaired by a suitably qualified/experienced person.
Do not expose to damp.

General Timber Care
Timber is hygroscopic and reacts with moisture in the air. To ensure a long and useful life it is important that this product is:
NOT subjected to direct heat from radiators, summer sun etc.
NOT left outside or exposed to damp conditions for long periods.
NOT installed in new buildings until the majority of the water used in the construction process has been dissipated.