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  1 Cotton Skipping Ropes
Plaited Cotton Skipping Ropes offer great value and incorporate a rubber collar on each end to prevent fraying. Available in a wide selection of lengths. Supplied in a set of 10.
 LFK240 Length: 1.8m, set LFK250 Length: 2.1m, set LFK260 Length: 2.4m, set LFK270 Length: 2.7m, set LFK280 Length: 3.1m, set LFK290 Length: 3.5m, set LFK400 Length: 5.5m, set
of 10 of 10 of 10 of 10 of 10 of 10 of 10
                2 Coloured Plastic Skipping Ropes
A solid 5mm rope, with a durable, easy grip, colour contrasting plastic
handle. Supplied in sets of 6. Minimum order 10 sets.
LFK300 Length 2.14m, set of 6 3 FitKit Speed Rope
A plastic handled Aerobics Speed Rope; perfect for building stamina through continuous skipping. The rope length can be adjusted inside the handle. Minimum order 10.
LFK050 Length: 2.7m
4 Square Bean Bags
Ideal for catching, throwing and all manner of target games. These square cotton bean bags are filled with synthetic granules. Available in blue, green, red, yellow or a mixed colour bag.
Dimensions: length 100mm x width 100mm
LFK205 Blue, bag of 12 LFK210 Green, bag of 12 LFK215 Red, bag of 12 LFK220 Yellow, bag of 12 LFK200 Mixed colours, bag of 12
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