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     For outdoor use
  1 2Traverse Outdoor Panels
These panels are manufactured from weatherproofed 18mm thick Finnish birch ply coated with a UV resistant polypropylene laminate (WBP exterior bonded to EN314-2/Class 3), which can be used with dry wipe markers to mark out routes. The distance between the two panels can be varied depending on the height of the users. Installation can be onto any solid wall. Each pair of panels is supplied with 50 pre-fitted Holds, and 2 additional loose holds. The fittings supplied are for installation in brick or breeze block. The top panel measures 2400mm x 600mm (8’ x2’) and the bottom panel is 2400mm x 400m (8’ x1’4”).
CWA200 Set of 2 outdoor panels with fixing kit CWA400 Set of 4 outdoor panels with fixing kit
2 2Traverse Hand Holds
All Holds are suitable for use only with Plywood surfaces.
CWH700 Set of 10 large hand holds CHW600 Set of 10 medium hand holds CWH500 Set of 10 small hand holds CWH550 Set of 10 M10 bolts to fix above
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