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4 Soft Box
This sturdy unit is ideal for traditional vaulting activities and provides jumping platforms and landing areas. A great confidence booster. The three 305mm tiers separate for varied conditioning activities. Dimensions: length 915mm x height 915mm x width 330mm (at top) 880mm (at base)
5 Cuboid
Used to provide support for handstand positions. Hook and loop flaps enable apparatus to be joined together thus reducing the risk from gaps. Use to extend and access other pieces of equipment in combination. Dimensions: length 762mm x height 610mm x width 762mm
6 Barrel
Children love the sensation of rolling on their stomach or back. This apparatus is confidence building and promotes spatial awareness. Dimensions: length 1220mm x diameter 965mm
    Jump for Joy - Sport
The Sport range is ideal for aspiring gymnasts (aged 7 to 11 years) working within a more formal approach to skill and physical education goals. Every item can be used for a specific activity whilst combinations of several pieces create variety and challenge. Children can confidently attempt basic gymnastic elements encouraged by the soft support of the Sport range or just feel inspired to try all the climbing, sliding and jumping activities their imagination suggests.
Support Pack
2 Large and Small Bridges
  1 Complete set JJS190 (7 pieces) with
     Can be used to lie back on and kick over, as supports for headstands, or as soft top vaults to jump through. The two bridges combined provide a port hole to wriggle through.
Dimensions: length 914mm x width 508mm
JJS110 Large, height 813mm.
JJS111 Small, height 483mm.
3 Large and Small Wedges
Designed to assist backward and forward rolls – the feeler strips guide
hand positions. Great for sliding or log rolls.
JJS130 Large, length 1220mm x width 610mm x height 762mm
JJS131 Small, length 914mm x width 457mm x height 457mm
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