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1 Stage Blocks
The Stage Blocks are sturdy, portable and constructed from 15mm natural MediteTM (high grade medium density fibreboard) with a white ash frame, the top is covered with hardwearing carpet, which also reduces the sound of foot-steps. The blocks can be easily put together by either children or adults, then after use can be easily dismantled. The ingenious production and design not only allows for simple assembly and dismantling, but when not in use the base pieces fit neatly inside the inverted top for easy storage. All units are available separately or
in ready made sets. The trolley to store and transport the units is also available separately. (Some assembly is required).
Dimensions: Large Unit, length 750mm x width 750mm x height 400mm
Step Unit, length 750mm x width 375mm x height 200mm KNL750 Large Single Unit (area 0.56m2)
KNL375 Step Unit
KNL400 4 Units and 1 Step unit (area 2.25m2)
KNL800 8 Units and 2 Step units (area 4.48m2) KNL720 8 Units, 2 Step units and Trolley ETR400 Storage Trolley only (1100 x 850 x 1200mm)
  Trolley Available
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