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Wheel-Away Seating Units
The Wheel-Away Seating Units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Units are constructed from 38mm sq. section power coated steel throughout with hard wood timber laths coated with an exterior finish. Each unit has four 100mm universal castors and rubber feet to prevent floor markings. A provision is made for a ‘step through’ to the upper tier and both units are designed to have a detachable upper tier backrest. Single and multiple units provide low cost ‘arena’ seating. The Three Tier unit has a seating capacity of 13 - 15 people while the Two Tier has a seating capacity of 9 -10 people. Also available is a version of either the 2 or 3 tier unit suitable for use in a damp environment, using stainless steel fittings. Please contact our sales office for details.
LMP222 Two Tier Unit, seats 9-10 people LMP333 Three Tier Unit, seats 13-15 people
    1600mm 2000mm
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