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A quintessential element in gymnasia, and familiar to generations of gymnasts, Niels Larsen wall bars are featured in countless installations, both in the UK and overseas. Although the wall bars are supplied as single section units, they can be installed in any multiples desired. All necessary fittings for assembly such as steel angle brackets and beech wall pads are included. Wall Fixings not provided, as requirements are so varied.
Dimensions: length 2692mm x width 870mm (per section) WBS100
6 ActivRocker
This Junior Rocker Board has a carpet covered top for comfort and grip and like the wobble board can be used in sitting, kneeling or standing position. Suitable for exercising and toning muscles while teaching balance control.
Dimensions: length 300mm x width 300mm Weight: 1 kg
7 ActivWobble
Our Junior Wobble Board is fitted with a carpet covered top for comfort and grip and can be used standing, kneeling or sitting to exercise and tone muscles. Good for increasing core strength and flexibility. Dimensions: diameter 300mm
Weight: 0.7 kg ACT905
        Since its inception in 1907, Niels Larsen
has been a supplier of products for the physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation markets and to the Ministry of Defence.
    1 Arm Table
5 Wall Bars
Well constructed table with easily cleaned laminate surface. Packs flat for easy shipping and storage. A small amount of self assembly is required. Dimensions: length 300mm x width 600mm x height 710mm
2 Stools
A very useful range of multi-purpose stools. Each stool has a hardwood frame and easily cleaned lacquered surface. Finger slot provided in stool tops.
    MED120 MED121 MED122
350 x 350mm high (1’2” x 1’2”) 400 x 400mm high (1’4” x 1’4”) 450 x 450mm high (1’6” x 1’6”)
           3 Wobble Board
Designed to assist in the exercising of ankles and knees. Warm cork non- slip surface and tough cruciform base.
Dimensions: diameter 500mm x height 77mm
4 Rocker Board
Useful for ankle extension and flexion exercises. Sturdy construction with warm cork non-slip surface.
Dimensions: length 500mm x width 500mm x height 76mm
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