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1 Vertical Mat Trolley
3 Horizontal Mat Trolley
A durable heavy duty construction enables this trolley to stand up to the toughest conditions. Powder coated steel throughout, fitted with heavy duty non marking swivel castors, two of which are braked. The generous 2m long x 1.2m wide base is suitable for both 2m x 1m and 1.83m x 1.2m mats of most types. Detachable handle.
Dimensions: length 2000mm x width 12000mm x height 190mm (including castors but not including the handle)
Weight: 43 kg
4 Junior Horizontal Mat Trolley
A similar construction to the full sized trolley, this smaller version features a platform 1290mm long x 910mm wide and is suitable for 1.2m x 0.91m or simlar sized mats of most types. This trolley is also suitable for the transport and storage of the Niels Larsen sets of agility tables. Dimensions: length 1290mm x width 910mm x height 190mm (without handle) 900mm (with handle)
Weight: 26.5 kg ETR420
5 Inclined Vertical Mat Trolley
Constructed in heavy duty powder coated steel, the red folding handle on this mat trolley holds mats firmly in position, while the back is angled for additional support and enables the easier removal or addition of mats. Suitable for the more rigid type of mat, and can store approx 12 mats 2m x 1m or 1.83m x 1.2m, or more 1.2m x 0.91m mats side by side. Fitted with four heavy duty non marking swivel type castors, two of which are braked.
Dimensions: length 1980mm x width 560mm x height 1400mm (inc castors)
Weight: 46 kg
     This heavy duty trolley is robustly constructed from powder coated tubular steel and features two carrying compartments with a tubular central divider so providing additional support and making it easier
to add or remove mats. The trolley is fitted with four heavy duty non marking swivel castors, two of which are braked for safety. Ideally suited to carry fairly rigid mats such as the lighweight or sandwich type, sized 2m x 1m, 1.83m x 1.2m or similar. Carrying capacity is approx 16 x 25mm thick mats.
Dimensions: length 1920mm (including handle) 1780mm (excluding handle) x width 530mm x height 1210mm. Each section is 220mm wide internally
Weight: 42 kg
2 Junior Vertical Mat Trolley
A smaller and lighter version of the Vertical Mat Trolley but of equally durable construction, suitable for carrying rigid or semi rigid mats
sized 1.2m x 0.91m, 1m x 1m or similar. Fitted with four heavy duty non marking castors, two of which are braked. This junior trolley has a single carrying compartment with a capacity of 8-9 x 25mm thick mats. Available in either blue or yellow.
Dimensions: length 1235mm (including handle) x width 350mm x height 980mm. Internal width is 280mm
Weight: 12 kg
ETR460 Blue ETR462 Yellow
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