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4 Banana Rocker
Restful or riotous depending on your energy level! Easy to climb over, crawl under, balance on or roll off. Sit astride and rock, or lie on back or front and rock. Use as a bridge on the floor or between other pieces. Limited only by your imagination.
Dimensions: length 1195mm x height 610mm x width 455mm JJM220
5 Wheel
The child is cushioned while oriented through backward or forward roll. Confidence booster for flighted moves. The Wheel combines well with other items in the range.
Dimensions: height 380mm x diameter 1015mm
6 Rod
A great forward and backward roll activator. It’s fun to sit astride or for practising handstands. Ideal for developing balance and co-ordination, the Rod is designed to fit into the Cog and Wheel.
Dimensions: length 1220mm x diameter 480mm
7 Mushroom
Use to develop balance, poise and strength or for shape training when inverted. Use as a pommel horse for double leg circles. Increase height by combining with the Wheel.
Dimensions: height 380mm x width 1015mm
 Jump for Joy - Move & Play
Particularly suitable for children from 4 to 7 years of age who have perhaps used the Frolic range to obtain a basic movement vocabulary. Move and Play provides the challenge of larger scale apparatus and encourages progression. A great range for developing poise, balance and skills in structured play and general gymnastics.
pieces) with Support pack.
2 Steps
Provides a wealth of linking or easy access/exit options for combination stations. Also useful for aerobic, step-up activities or supporting head stands, initiating rolls etc.
Dimensions: length 762mm x height 610mm x width 762mm
3 Cog
A shape to tackle from many angles. Stable when upright and useful as a training/conditioning station when flat. Use with the Rod and Wheel to create moving parts.
Dimensions: height 380mm x diameter 1040mm
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