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‘T’ ‘Y’
 3 Spectrum Frame Mat Set
 1 Climbing Frame Mat Set
To fit the Rainbow, Kaleidoscope Frame and the Gym Centre
This colourful mat set is constructed using lightweight foam covered with heavy duty flame retardant PVC and a latex anti slip base. The mats have hook and loop attachments on the underside to enable the mats to be fixed around the frame securely. The set comprises 6 mats and 3 smaller infill mats which enable the set to be used in 3 different configurations, the usual ‘T’ and ‘Y’ layouts, also a ‘T/Y’ layout where one gate of the frame is in a ‘T’ position and the other in a ‘Y’ position. The standard colours are as shown but other colours can be made to order.
Dimensions: length 1947mm x width 900mm x thickness 30mm (each) RAN150 Climbing Frame Mat Set
The set can also be supplied complete with a small vertical mat trolley which is large enough to accomodate the full set, but small enough to transport and store the set easily.
LGT303 Climbing Frame Mat Set c/w Mat Trolley 2 Double Frame Mat Set
The set of 6 lightweight mats sits comfortable within the two gates of the double frame, with additional hook and loop flaps to hold the mats in place securely. The standard colours are red, blue or black but other colours can be made to order.
Dimensions: length 1470mm x width 1000mm x thickness 30mm (each)
DOU005 Double Frame Mat Set
With a similar layout to that of item RAN150 but produced in a larger size in order to fit the Spectrum frame. Comprising 6 mats plus 3 infill mats to enable use in 3 different configurations. Constructed from chipfoam with a heavy duty PVC cover and latex anti slip base, with the addition of hook and loop flaps to enable the mats to be fitted around the frame securely. Standard colours are as shown but other colours can be supplied to order. Available in either 25mm or 30mm thickness. Dimensions: length 2802mm x width 1000mm
SPEC10 Spectrum Frame Mat Set, 30mm thick SPEC11 Spectrum Frame Mat Set, 25mm thick
4 Gym Time Mat Set
A set of mats ideal for use with our range of Gym Time Equipment. The mats are constructed from a layer of chipfoam together with a layer
of lightweight foam so giving the benefits of both types of mats - the layer of chipfoam giving good rebound properties while the layer of lightweight foam gives good absorbtion and a lighter weight. The set comprises 9 mats in red (other colours available to order).
Dimensions: length 1200mm x width 910mm x thickness 25mm (each) SMG305 Gym Time Mat Set
The Gym Time Mat Set can also be supplied complete with a mat trolley giving easy transport and storage in one. The trolley is constructed from powder coated steel and fitted with durable non marking rubber tyred castors, two of which are braked.
                LGT920 Gym Time Mat Set complete with Trolley
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