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  1 Hinged Rope Frame
A very popular unit, particularly where the roof structure is unsuitable for overhead trackways. The combination of a diagonally braced steel double top rail and wire bracing to the wall offers exceptional stability and rigidity during use. Manufactured from tough powder coated steel, the hinged rope frame stores flat against the wall when not in use.
The standard width is 3800mm and the height overall is 3780mm but these can be altered to suit most requirements. The units are supplied with either 4 plain ropes, or 3 ropes and a rope ladder, but again this arrangement can be altered to suit.
RFA300 Rope Frame with 4 Ropes
RFA305 Rope Frame with 3 Ropes and Rope Ladder
2 Hinged Booms
Hinged Booms are a versatile arrangement used in gymnasia both in schools and MOD facilities. The units are wall fixed and easily wheeled into position on non marking rubber tyred wheels, held rigidly in place by simply operated wall mounted bracing wires. A braced top steel section also helps to ensure maximum stability during use.
BSD910 Single Double Boom 3600mm wide x 4200mm high BSD920 Single Double Boom 3600mm wide x 5200mm high
3 General Ropework
Climbing Ropes are manufactured in 28mm diameter (3.5” circumference) for juniors or 36mm diameter(4.5” circumference) for seniors in finest quality hemp/synthetic hemp for indoors or polyester
for outdoors. Each rope is fitted with a metal clamp at the upper end and shrink sealed at the lower end to prevent fraying. Rope ladders
are ruggedly constructed using lacquered hardwood turned rungs and 16mm diameter polyhemp rope. All ladders are supplied with a two point fixing. Climbing ropes can be supplied with knots as a teaching aid if required.
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 Ropes available in 28mm or 36mm diameters
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