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        1 Magic Carpet Set
A truly magical experience. A huge 5.5m long softplay ‘carpet’ fitted with hook and loop strips and pads which allow children to build their own structures by ‘sticking’ on up to nineteen different shapes in limitless combinations. Using the Support Pack tutors can carefully promote concepts such as stand, walk, over, under, push-pull, rock and build.
6 Large Rods
Dimensions: length 800mm x diameter 304mm
JJF624 Pair
7 Small Columns
Dimensions: length 596mm x height 203mm x width 203mm JJF630 Pair
8 Large Columns
Dimensions: length 902mm x height 304mm x width 304mm
JJF632 Pair
9 Rocker
Dimensions: length 800mm x height 406mm x width 304mm
bk Wedges
Dimensions: Large, length 800mm x height 508mm x width 406mm
Small, length 596mm x height 304mm x width 304mm JJF650 Set of 2
bl Bricks
Dimensions: length 304mm x height152mm x width 203mm
2 Carpet
Dimensions: length 5500mm x height 38mm x width 1092mm
3 Arches
Dimensions: length 800mm x height 406mm x width 304mm
JJF610 Pair
4 Small Rods
Dimensions: length 596mm x diameter 203mm
JJF620 Pair
5 Medium Rod
Dimensions: length 508mm x diameter 304mm
JJF660 Set of 4
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