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     1 Double and Foldover Frames
The 2 gate version of the Spectrum Frame, the Double Frame, is permanently connected and braced by a rigid bar that provides a unit of exception stability. This rigid bar also offers the option of attaching climbing ropes and or rope ladders to the frame (up to 4 attachment points - a rope ladder would need 2). For storage these frames are folded side by side against the wall, but if space is limited a Foldover version is available where the two frames sit together requiring less space. However this option would not allow for the attachment of ropes. Both versions offer either wire or ladder braced options depending on the site requirements and customer preference.
DOUB01 Double Frame 2 Gate, wired braced
DOUB02 Double Frame 2 Gate, ladder braced
FOLD01 Double Frame 2 Gate, wired braced foldover version
FOLD02 Double Frame 2 Gate, ladder braced foldover version
2 Double Frame Accessory Sets
The Double Frame Accessory Set comprises a Timber Linking Ladder, 2 x Aluminium Single Poles and a Timber Linking Beam (which can also be freestanding), and is available both with and without a storage trolley. All these pieces will fit between the 2 gates of frame, or can be used in conjunction with trestles, agility tables etc.
DOUB05 Double Frame Linking Accessory Set
DOUB06 Double Frame Linking Accessory Set with Storage Trolley
Double Frame Mat Set
The mat set for the Double Frame consists of 6 mats , each 1000mm x 1470mm x 30mm thick with hook and loop flaps to hold the mats securely in position. Please advise colour required, most options available (not illustrated).
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