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 1 Climbing Frame Mat Set
A Climbing Frame Mat Set designed to fit the Kaleidoscope Frame, with 6 mats and 3 infills, all 30mm thick, which allow the set to be used in three different configurations. The mats have hook and loop attachments on the underside to allow the mats to be fixed around the frame securely. Can also be supplied complete with a small vertical mat trolley which is large enough to accommodate the full set, but small enough to transport easily.
RAN150 Complete Mat Set
LGT303 Complete Mat Set with vertical mat trolley
2 Linking Equipment Set
 The steel Linking Equipment Set features 5 linking items to fit between the Fixed Wall Ladder and the gate of the Kaleidoscope Frame when in a ‘T’ position, with hooks and safety clips at each end of each item. The set comprises 1 x Linking Ladder, 1 x Parallel bars, 1 x Linking Beam, which can also be used as a floor standing beam, 1 x Linking Cat Ladder and 1 x Linking Pole, all 2056mm long.
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