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     1 Rainbow Frame Accessory Set
The accessory set provides the Fixed Wall ladder and the Mat Set, with a range of linking pieces comprising a Linking Ladder, Linking Pole, Linking Beam (which can also be used as a freestanding beam), a Linking Cat Ladder and Linking Parallel Bars.
2 Rainbow Fixed Wall Ladder
The activities on this frame can be extended by the installation of a fixed wall ladder, which can then be used with linking equipment to bridge to one gate when set out in the ‘T’ configuration.
3 Climbing Frame Mat Set
A set of 30mm thick mats is also available - this can be used whether the Frame is in the ‘T’, ‘Y’ or ‘T/Y’ configurations and has hook and loop flaps to hold the mats in position securely. Also available with a trolley for both transport and storage.
RAN150 Complete Mat Set
LGT303 Complete Mat Set with storage trolley
‘T’ Position
 ‘Y’ Position
 ‘T/Y’ Position
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