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       The only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics
 1 Gym Time Bouncer
This lightweight bouncer has been designed to complement the other products in the Gym Time range as well as being a standalone item. Featuring a fully sprung bed with generous padding, the bouncer
frame can be used either horizontally or inclined by simply adjusting
the pivoting leg. As with the other products in the Gym Time range the bouncer is easily adjustable with tough hook and loop straps. Additional straps are provided to secure the Bouncer Frame to any of the Gym Time trestles for additional security. Used with two large trestles and a single bar (to act as a safety rail) the Bouncer frame may be used as a play item for pre-school and reception children as well as the budding gymnast.
Dimensions: length 1025mm x width 850mm x height 350mm LGT350
2 Gym Time Target Time
Developed as an aid to aiming and throwing, the targets ensure a high success rate due to the whole of the board being covered in hook and loop material. One board has a traditional bull’s eye arrangement while the other has coloured shapes. The boards are fitted with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system to enable them to be fixed to large Trestles, wall bars or similar. Supplied with 6 hook and loop bean bags and 6 hook and loop badminton shuttles. To vary the game, rackets can be used as opposed to the items being thrown. Supplied as a set of 2 boards.
Dimensions: height 1300mm x width 800mm LGT150
3 Gym Time Balance Bench
The ingenious design give this Balance Bench many advantages over the traditional bench. The removable padded top provides either a plain or padded bench top option, it simply unscrews from the underneath. Gym Time Hoops can be located across or along the length of the bench. The bench has been designed to give a continuous smooth surface either as a bench or a balance beam. It features a 100mm wide balance beam on the underside and as part of the system can be arranged at a variety of heights and inclines. The wider base of the legs increases stability in use. The Gym Time hook and loop fixing system, fitted at both ends, allows secure fixing to Trestles, in an inclined or suspended position. This fixing system eliminates the risk of the bench slipping when attached to other equipment.
LGT059 Balance Bench and Top Pad, length 2440mm LGT060 Balance Bench only, length 2440mm LGT070 Top Pad only, length 2250mm
4 Gym Time Hoops
Supplied in a length as opposed to a pre-formed ring. In use the Gym Time Hoops increase the versatility of the system as they can be fitted, quickly and easily, along the length and width of the Gym Time Balance Bench Top, Balance/Slide and Trestle Top. Available in two colours and two lengths.
LGT080 Yellow, length 2600mm LGT090 Red, length 2100mm
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