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          Jump for Joy
Jump for Joy comprises three distinct ranges - Frolic, Move & Play, and Sport - of soft play shapes which assist in the step-by-step development of active growing children. Each range is carefully designed to complement the others and in total they combine to provide a progressively challenging environment for gymnastics and movement activities. The soft foam shapes are attractive and appropriately scaled in size, colourful and fun to use. Uniquely for products of this type, all three ranges are actively endorsed by British Gymnastics.
1 Jump for Joy Support Pack
The Jump for Joy equipment will complement the Gym Time and Box of Tricks ranges as well as traditional gymnastic apparatus. As with many other products in the Niels Larsen range, a Support Pack is available to help teachers and coaches get the very best from these versatile ranges of equipment. This complete activity programme includes comprehensive guidelines, task cards and record sheets.
Actively endorsed by
    Manufactured in the UK using high quality combustion modified foam covered in tough colourful pvc coated nylon fabric which is supple and easily cleaned. Foam is to BS5852 Part 2 Ignition 5, cover to BS5867 Part 2 type B.
  Uniquely for products of this type, all three ranges are actively endorsed by British Gymnastics
 Jump for Joy - Frolic
The Frolic range is the soft play start point for nursery age (1-4 years) children. Each of the four Frolic playstations has been designed to present many movement learning experiences. Using the activity programmes included in the support pack allows non specialists to structure and monitor meaningful play sessions and provide opportunities to chart and reward early progress.
2 Criss-Cross Set
The Criss-Cross set combines playtime with the development of simple stepping and balance skills. Allows children to attempt forward, side and backwards walking on raised, uneven and sloped surfaces. Use of a ball on the Drain Pipes encourages a sense of timing and pace change. Dimensions:
Beam length 1016mm x height 203mm x width 254mm
Stepping Stones length 1784mm x height 209mm x width 305mm Drain Pipes (pair) length 1016mm x height 330mm x width 254mm
JJF490 4 piece set 4
        3 Castle Walls
Designed to promote hand/eye co-ordination with controlled stability
in squat, twist and turn. The two Castle Walls are complete with four sets (shapes, man, tower and tree) of hook and loop patches for picture making.
Large Wall length 1219mm x height 902mm x width 254mm Small Wall length 800mm x height 452mm x width 254mm
JJF590 2 piece set 4 Wonder Wave
The Wonder wave is designed for crawling, stepping, climbing and tummy surfing. Can be used singly or as a set of two. Each wave includes a set of six hook and loop patches which encourage children to move over and around the Waves in controlled directed activities – fetch, carry and sort.
Dimensions: height 838mm x width 1016mm
JJF380 Wonder Wave Half, length 1524mm JJF390 Wonder Wave Whole, length 3048mm
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