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       The only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics
3 Gym Time Beam
A versatile addition to the range providing further exciting challenges and is excellent for developing balancing and weight transference skills. It can be used on the floor, inclined, or as a linking element between Trestles or other pieces of equipment. All four sides of the beam are different and can be used. Side 1: is 100mm wide with a plain wooden surface. Side 2: is 200mm wide and is carpet covered. Side 3: is 100mm wide with raised treads to aid climbing when the beam is inclined.
Side 4: is 200mm wide with blue, green, red and yellow circles on the surface. It is fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system and also has fixing points for the Gym Time Hoop (LGT080 and LGT090).
Dimensions: length 2400mm
Gym Time Total Pack
Containing the Gym Time Beam, Cat Ladder, Scramble Net, put to together to further enhance and to add a new dimension to any Gym Time equipment.
  1 Gym Time Cat Ladder
Specially designed to have an offset irregular rung placement that creates a more challenging activity that requires enhanced concentration. Fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system so can be used horizontally between any array of equipment or at an incline for stepping/climbing activities. It can also be placed for hand over hand swinging and hanging actions.
Dimensions: length 1900mm
2 Gym Time Scramble Net
The Scramble Net, is a large piece of equipment that offers children
the challenging experience of working with a flexible climbing medium. Fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system allows it to be used as a bridge, on an incline or simply on its own on the ground. Users can go over, under or through the net, the rigid sides make the net safe for use by younger children.
Dimensions: length 1600mm x width 840mm
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