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       The only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics
Trestles & Tops used as Plain Top, Ladder a Movement Table and Slide
2 Gym Time Single Bar
The Gym Time Single Bar is fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system, this allows for quick and easy attachment to other pieces in the range. It can be used suspended between equipment for traversing, or can be used as support for other linking apparatus. Used as a pair they can provide an adjustable form of parallel bars or as asymmetric bars.
Dimensions: length 2050mm LGT100
3 Gym Time Ladder
A truly versatile piece of Gym Time linking equipment, it can be used
as a rigid climbing ladder up to or across to a Trestle and it can also be used as a piece of free standing equipment, or when used with the Gym Time Balance/Slide Plank (LGT120) transforms into a simple chute/slide with side bars. Fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system.
Dimensions: length 1900mm
4 Gym Time Balance/Slide Plank
A multipurpose piece of equipment that can be used in its own right as well as providing a rigidly held link between equipment. It may also be reversed to reveal a simple 100mm wide beam at floor level to assist with early balancing skills. Attach one end to a Trestle and it can be used as a simple slide or use with the Gym Time Ladder (LGT110) to create
a slide with side bars. Fitted at both ends with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system. The Gym Time Hoops (LGT080 and LGT090) can also be attached in two positions to provide additional versatility. Dimensions: length 1850mm
   Padded Top is easily removed from Plain Top
   1 Gym Time Trestles
The Gym Time Trestle system is available in three different heights, 450mm, 760mm and 1070mm, the different sizes stacking easily inside one another for easy storage. The Trestles can be used on their own
or with the Plain Top (LGT040) or Plain and Padded Top (LGT049) to create an Agility/Movement Table, with a pair of Trestles of equal height, fitted with Tops, can be combined to form a 914mm x 914mm Agility/ Movement Table. Both the Plain Top and the Padded Top can be easily fitted and removed as necessary. The Tops are fitted with the Gym Time hook and loop fixing system that allows the Tops to also be used as linking elements between Trestles. The Gym Time hoops (LGT080 and LGT090) can also be fitted onto any Plain Top.
Dimensions: length 940mm
LGT010 Large Trestle, height 1070mm LGT020 Medium Trestle, height 760mm LGT030 Small Trestle, height 450mm LGT049 Plain and Padded Top LGT040 Plain Top only
LGT050 Padded Top only
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