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       The only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics
      Invaluable Resource Unending Variations Unique fastening System
1 Complete Gym Time Pack
Suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 the Complete Pack includes the full range of Trestle sizes which can be used with or without the Plain Tops and Top Pads, together with a range of linking equipment and a Balance Bench. Also included is the Support Pack containing suggested layouts, worksheets (in a printable PDF format) and CD that contains warm up music. The Complete Pack is also available with the Gym Time Mat
Set, this set of nine sandwich mats, constructed of a layer of lightweight closed cell foam offering absorption and a layer of chip-foam offering rebound properties, resulting in the most versatile combination for primary school use. Covered in flame retardant vinyl, with a latex anti- slip base, supplied with an optional vertical Mat Trolley that will hold the complete set of mats for easy storage and transportation.
Dimensions: (Mat) length 1200mm x width 910mm x thickness 25mm Weight: 4kg
LGT925 Complete Gym Time Pack, with Mat Set and Trolley LGT900 Complete Gym Time Pack only
LGT920 Gym Time Mat Set and Trolley only SMG305 Gym Time Mat Set only
ETR462 Gym Time Trolley only
Space Saving Storage Bespoke Mat Set
LGT900 Complete Gym Time Pack, consisting of:
Bespoke Mat Set and Trolley
 LGT010 Large Trestle, height 1070mm x 2 LGT020 Medium Trestle, height 760mm x 2 LGT030 Small Trestle, height 450mm x 2 LGT040 Plain Top, length 970mm x width 430mm x 6 LGT050 Top Pad, length 970mm x width 430mm x 6 LGT060 Balance Bench, length 2400mm x 1 LGT070 Balance Bench Top Pad, length 2250mm x 1 LGT080 Hoop, length 2600mm x 1
LGT090 Hoop, length 2100mm x 1 LGT100 Single Bar, length 2050mm x 2 LGT110 Ladder, length 1900mm x 1 LGT120 Balance/Slide Plank, length 1850mm x 1 LGT130 Support Pack x 1
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