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       The only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics
   • Versatile • Lightweight
• Safe • Interchangeable
Gym Time is the only system of its kind to be endorsed by British Gymnastics.
It is a versatile modular system created to accommodate the maximum number of activities that takes place in the teaching of gymnastics.
Comprising of a range of trestles (the smaller sizes being suitable for use even at Key Stage 1), trestles tops, various linking equipment and other cleverly designed pieces of equipment which are all compatible with each other to offer an unending number of variations. To assist hand grip the equipment has been designed with larger tubes which also allows for lightness without sacrificing strength. A unique fastening system allows children to participate in setting up for class and the large rubber feet means that the apparatus will not move or slide in use. The system has been designed to eliminate all finger, limb and head traps and is in line with the requirements of PE in the National Curriculum.
It is also compatible with traditional equipment.
To accompany the range there is a Support Pack that includes suggested layouts, worksheets (in a printable PDF format) and a CD that contains warm up music. All items available individually or in varying pack sizes.
Unique fastening System
Space Saving Storage
Unending Variations
       1 Gym Time Starter Pack LGT600 Gym Time Starter Pack
     LGT600 Gym Time Starter Pack, consisting of:
LGT020 Medium Trestle, height 760mm x 2 LGT030 Small Trestle, height 450mm x 2 LGT040 Plain Top, length 970 x width 430mm x 4 LGT050 Top Pad, length 970 x width 430mm x 4 LGT080 Hoop, length 2600mm x 1 LGT090 Hoop, length 2100mm x 1 LGT100 Single Bar, length 2050mm x 2 LGT110 Ladder, length 1900mm x 1 LGT120 Balance/Slide Plank, length 1850mm x 1 LGT130 Support Pack x 1
2 Support Pack
           This resource combines a set of 22 worksheets (in a printable PDF format) on a CD along with detailed information on assembly, suggested layouts, and storage. Also included is a CD containing warm up music. The Support Pack is provided with an allen key that can be used for fixing or removing the Top Pads from Trestles or Balance Benches.
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