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Linking Equipment
3 Timber Plank
Manufactured in natural timber and available in 4 lengths, all 205mm
LAP806 Plank length 1830mm
LAP807 Plank length 2130mm
LAP808 Plank length 2440mm
LAP809 Plank length 2740mm
4 Padded Plank
Add versatility to your agility equipment with this padded plank which gives a more comfortable working surface making it particularly suitable for younger children or therapeutic use. Battens with rubber pads at each end allow stable attachment to other items of equipment. Available in 3 lengths, all 210mm wide.
LAP700 Plank length 2130mm LAP705 Plank length 2440mm LAP710 Plank length 2740mm
5 Linking Ladder
Robust ladder, manufactured from natural timber with round timber rungs. The powder coated steel hook fittings at each end have additional spring clips to allow for safe attachment between other items of equipment. Available in 2 lengths, both 453mm wide (403mm internally).
LAD210 Ladder length 2100mm LAD110 Ladder length 3100mm
           Particularly suited for primary school use this range of linking equipment is constructed without side rails to reduce weight, and with timber battens at each end. The battens are fitted with non marking rubber pads for extra stability. The planks can be used to bridge between equipment or as an entry or exit to other pieces of equipment.
1 Timber Slide
Manufactured in natural timber, with side rails on the top side for protection. Available in 3 lengths, all 250mm wide.
        LAP116 LAP117 LAP118
Slide length 1830mm Slide length 2130mm Slide length 2440mm
            2 Storming Plank
Manufactured in natural timber with battens across the face of the plank to aid climbing. Available in 3 lengths, all 205mm wide.
LAP856 LAP857 LAP858
Plank length 1830mm Plank length 2130mm Plank length 2440mm
Timber to FSC/PEFC Standards
t: +44 (0) 1924 283000 f: +44 (0) 1924 281872 w: e:

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