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   3 LitaTables
 1 Steel Movement Tables
Robustly constructed with a powder coated steel frame, and finished with an upholstered padded top to give a large working area. Rungs all around the table enable linking equipment to be added from all sides. Non marking rubber feet give stability. Available in three heights and three colours, as follows:
Dimensions: height 400mm x diameter 960mm
Weight: 13.5 kg
LAT800 Red top
LAT801 Green top
LAT802 Blue top
Dimensions: height 600mm x diameter 960mm Weight: 15kg
A more versatile shape is used for this agility table resulting in 5 sides rather than the usual 4. Manufactured from aluminium for a lighter weight and ease of movement. Well padded tops with non marking rubber feet for stability. Linking equipment can be added to all 5 sides and the tables are easily stackable.
Dimensions: length 908mm (at top) x depth 607mm (291mm at straight edge)
LAT304 Yellow top, height 400mm, Weight 6.5kg LAT306 Green top, height 600mm, Weight 7kg LAT308 Blue top, height 800mm, Weight 8.5kg LAT310 Red top, height 1000mm, Weight 9kg LAT390 LitaTables Set 4, one of each size, Weight 31kg
4 LitaFolding Trestles
Manufactured using strong but light aluminium tubing, these folding trestles are a versatile part of our Agility range and are suitable for use with a large array of linking equipment pieces. Non marking rubber feet for stability.
Dimensions: height 1420mm (opened) 1500mm (closed) x width 670mm (at base) 620mm (at top) x 1180mm deep (at base when open)
Weight: 8.9 kg
Dimensions: height 1800mm (opened) 1900mm (closed) x width 850mm (at base) 620mm (at top) x 1380mm deep (at base when open)
Weight: 9.9 kg
5 Upholstered Stools
These robust stools are manufactured from steel with a long lasting powder coated finish and red upholstered tops for comfort. Linking equipment can be attached to all four sides and at different heights so catering for all abilities. Hard wearing non slip rubber feet for stability. All stools are 600mm2.
LAS700 Stool height 700mm, Weight 9.4kg LAS850 Stool height 850mm, Weight 10.3kg LAS999 Stool height 1000mm, Weight 12.4kg
                   LAT810 LAT811 LAT812
Red top Green top Blue top
       Dimensions: height 840mm x diameter 1220mm Weight: 35kg
LAT820 LAT821 LAT822
Red top Green top Blue top
         2 LitaMovement Tables
Manufactured from light but strong aluminium tubing with a silver finish, these movement tables have a hexagonal shaped top, are well padded and upholstered in vinyl. Non marking rubber feet. Table top diameter is 800mm.
LAT215 Yellow top, height 400mm, Weight 10kg LAT210 Blue top, height 600mm, Weight 10.9kg
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