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              Compliant with EUTR
Plywood to EN636: 2003 Class 2
  1 Plytech Balance Bench
A sturdy and popular addition to our balance bench range, this bench is both robust and relatively lightweight. Manufactured from 25mm thick plywood that has a 100% hardwood high-quality core construction with single piece face veneers. Fitted with rubber covered feet to prevent marking, and rubber buttons to protect both the bench top and the
floor when inverted. Features a 100mm balance rail on the underside enabling use when turn upside down. A batten is provided at one end to enable the bench to be attached to other equipment. The plywood used is backed by a robust audit process to ensure compliance with European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) and the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Plywood Specifications: EN636: 2003, Class 2. Available in natural with a clear varnish finish, or in team colours with the colour applied in the form of colour stain and varnish which does not chip or crack. Bench top width 240mm.
2 Euro Bench
Manufactured from a timber based material that will not warp or shrink,
this balance bench is particularly suited to nursery or primary school
use and where a lower cost option is required. Can be used with either
the 230mm wide top or the 100mm wide balance rail uppermost.
Supplied with rubber buttons on the top and rubber feet on the base for
floor protection. The bench has a pair of hooks at one end to enable
attachment to other equipment. Castors can be supplied fitted to one
end to allow the bench to be moved more easily. Bench top width
230mm. LBE245
Dimensions: width 295mm x height 320mm
Weight: 12 kg (1.8m benches) 16 kg (2.4m benches)
LBA600 Natural finish, length 1.8m LBA601 Red, length 1.8m LBA602 Green, length 1.8m LBA603 Blue, length 1.8m LBA604 Yellow, length 1.8m LBA610 Natural finish, length 2.4m LBA611 Red, length 2.4m LBA612 Green, length 2.4m LBA613 Blue, length 2.4m LBA614 Yellow, length 2.4m
             LBE180 LBE185 LBE240
Hooks one end, length 1.8m
Hooks one end with castors, length 1.8m Hooks one end, length 2.4m
Hooks one end with castors, length 2.4m
For our ActivBench range please see pages 17-18
   Dimensions: width 300mm x height 290mm
Weight: 15 kg (1.8m benches) 20 kg (2.4m benches)
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