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              1 It’s all about Balance
Manufactured from natural timber and plywood, this set is suitable for younger children to encourage the learning of movement and balance on different shapes at a safe height. The set consists of: 1 x Mini Balance Beam in lime green, 1 x Timber Rocking Beam in purple, 1 x Junior Wobble Board in red, 1 x Junior Rocker Board in yellow.
Dimensions: length 1220mm x height 160mm x width 300mm (packed). ACT200
2 Junior Rocking Beam
A timber rocking beam which can be used to rock from side to side teaching balance control.
Dimensions: length 600mm x height 70mm x width 100mm
Weight: 1.06 kg
3 Timber Mini Balance Beam
A small balance beam manufactured from natural timber and colour stained in a bright lime green for visual interest. Suitable for younger children.
Dimensions: length 1200mm x height 90mm x width 100mm
Weight: 2.12 kg ACT201
4 Junior Wobble Board
A timber Junior Wobble Board which can be used for both balance and to exercise and tone muscles.
Dimensions: height 50mm x diameter 300mm
Weight: 0.52 kg
5 Junior Rocker Board
A timber Junior Rocker Board suitable for teaching balance control and can be used standing, sitting or kneeling.
Dimensions: length 300mm x height 50mm x width 300mm
Weight: 0.87 kg
6 ActivNumber Beam
This unique multicoloured balance beam has a jointing system allowing it to be used at two different heights, as well as on an incline. Can be adjusted quickly and easily. The numbers 1-10 are engraved along the top surface of the beam enabling cross curricular activities.
Dimensions: length 2400mm x height 150mm (lowest setting) 340mm (highest) x width 100mm
Weight: 18 kg
7 ActivZigZag
A colourful set of balance boards with connectors which can be arranged in various shapes, i.e. zig zag, square, circle. Each board has an engraved design to give different sensations underfoot. The set comprises 8 boards and 8 connectors in red, blue, green and yellow. Each board is 600mm long x 100mm wide, and the height when used with the connectors is 40mm.
Dimensions: length 290mm x height 695mm x width 290mm (boxed). Weight: 9.7 kg
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