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         1 Foam Vault Box 1210mm High
4 section Foam Vaulting horse with carrying handles on each section. The sections can be used individually or all together using the hook and loop flaps, to make a 2, 3 or 4 section horse. Each section has an anti slip base, and is 300mm high.
Dimensions: length 1200mm x height 1210mm x width 410mm (at top) 895mm (at base).
Weight: 40.6 kg
2 Foam Vault 600mm High
    3 section junior Foam Vault box with anti slip on the base of each section so that the modules can be used individually or as a 2 or 3 section vault. Easily attached together with hook and loop. Each section is 200mm high
Dimensions: length 790mm x height 610mm x width 300mm (at top) 580mm (at base).
Weight: 8.18 kg
4 ActivBalance Box
This ActivBalance Box can be used in a number of ways, with the top removed it can be used as a double balance, while with the top on it can be utilized as an exercise platform, or for sitting on. When inverted the top features a balance rail at a low level, ideal for younger children. The box has an enclosed base which can be used for storage of smaller items of apparatus. The included Balance Plank, which can be stored within the Box, is 1300mm long and can be attached to the end of the Box to give an inclined walkway.
Dimensions: length 1200mm x height 300mm x width 490mm (at base) 300mm (at top).
Weight: 18 kg
5 Junior Vault Box
This colourful Junior Vault Box comprises 4 sections in different colours, with a well padded vinyl top and has a wheeling device for easier transport. The timber top can be used separately. Manufactured in natural timber from sustainable sources and colour stained to provide a long lasting natural looking finish. Also available in natural, without the wheeling device.
Dimensions: length 1350mm x height 830mm x width 800mm (at base) 450mm (at top).
LBX931 Multicoloured, with wheeling device LBX930 Natural
3 ActivVault
At last! a vaulting box more suited to younger gymnasts. The box comprises 3 sections each with hand holds for ease of lifting. The padded top section can be used on its own for the development of various gymnastic movements, and the colour coded sections could be used to denote the height for groups of different abilities.
Dimensions: length 1340mm x height 630mm x width 680mm (at base) 420mm (at top).
Weight: 39.7 kg
ACT875 ActivVault ACT876 Top only
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