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            Timber to FSC/PEFC Standards
Tested to BS EN 913
  1 ActivBench
Designed primarily for school use this bench is a lighter and more economic alternative to the Traditional Balance Bench. Manufactured from selected natural timbers from sustainable sources, this bench is made without side rails to minimise weight, and has a 100mm balance rail on the underside enabling use when inverted. Non-marking rubber feet are fitted for stability and non-marking rubber buttons on the top to prevent damage to both the bench top and the floor. Wooden batten affixed at one end to allow attachment to other items.
2m (6’6”) Benches
Available in natural with a clear varnish finish, or in team colours with the colour applied in the form of colour stain and varnish which does not chip or crack. All the benches can also be supplied with castors to one end to aid manoeuvrability, the castors only engage when the bench is lifted. Tested to BS EN913. Bench top width 240mm.
Dimensions: width 330mm x height 340mm
Weight: 14kg (2m benches) 18kg (2.5m benches)
2.5m (8’) Benches
LBA100L LBA105 LBA130 LBA131 LBA132 LBA133 LBA139 LBA140 LBA141 LBA142 LBA143 LBA149
Natural finish, length 2m
Natural finish with castors, length 2m Red, length 2m
Green, length 2m
Blue, length 2m
Yellow, length 2m
Set of 4, length 2m
Red with castors, length 2m
Green with castors, length 2m
Blue with castors, length 2m
Yellow with castors, length 2m
Set of 4, with castors, length 2m
LBA110L LBA115L LBA150 LBA151 LBA152 LBA153 LBA159 LBA160 LBA161 LBA162 LBA163 LBA169
Natural finish, length 2.5m
Natural finish with castors, length 2.5m Red, length 2.5m
Green, length 2.5m
Blue, length 2.5m
Yellow, length 2.5m
Set of 4, length 2.5m
Red with castors, length 2.5m
Green with castors, length 2.5m
Blue with castors, length 2.5m
Yellow with castors, length 2.5m
Set of 4, with castors, length 2.5m
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