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 1 ActivBar Box
A junior version of the Traditional Bar Box incorporating colour as encouragement for younger children. Manufactured with timber uprights, brightly coloured steel bars, and a comfortable padded vinyl top. The 1240mm long x 640mm wide top is large enough for a huge range of activities and movements.
Dimensions: length 1240mm x height 680mm x width 640mm (at top) 1020 (at base).
Weight: 36 kg
2 ActivStool
Constructed from powder coated steel with a timber top, these stools can be used in the traditional way, or with linking items of equipment for a range of agility exercises. The stools have bars on three sides, with the fourth side clear in order to enable stacking for storage.
Dimensions: length 540mm x height 300mm x width 520mm. Overall, top length 530mm x width 360mm
Weight: 5.39 kg
ACT625 300mm high ActivStool
Dimensions: length 650mm x height 460mm x width 600mm. Overall, top length 530mm x width 360mm
Weight: 6.14 kg
ACT620 460mm high ActivStool 3 ActivLadder
Constructed from natural timber with metal coloured rungs, this versatile ladder can be used to bridge between items of equipment or can incline to the floor providing a safe entry or exit with higher pieces. Powder coated steel end hooks provide a secure fixing to other equipment. Dimensions: length 1830mm x height 100mm x width 360mm.
Weight: 7.75 kg ACT610
4 5
4 ActivSpot Balance Beam
     A really versatile Balance Beam which can be used as a floor beam, or as a linking element between pieces of equipment. Powder coated steel feet with non-marking rubber bungs for stability with a natural timber beam, the top surface of which is 100mm wide. Timber beam length 1830mm.
Dimensions: length 1930mm (overall) x height 100mm x width 100mm (225mm including feet).
Weight: 6.51 kg
5 ActivSnake Balance Beam
Manufactured from natural timber from sustainable sources, with powder coated steel feet and large rubber bungs for stability, this balance beam can be used as a free standing floor beam, or for linking between other pieces of equipment. The snake graphic adds interest as well as using colours and numbers for cross curricular activities. Timber beam length 1830mm, width 140mm.
Dimensions: length 1930mm (overall) x height 100mm x width 140mm (225mm including feet).
Weight: 8.7 kg
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