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1 Grip Poles & Hook & Loop Bean Bags
Catching the hook and loop bean bags on the bases of the Grip Poles is a great ‘game’ for learning the grip and wrist actions that will be needed later in bar work and climbing. Wrist strength and mobility is also enhanced helping with numerous racket/bat actions. With more advanced pupils, the Grip Poles can convert to simple, yet very stable, floor pommel handles and mini-bars for orientation of sport-specific skills. Supplied with 8 bean bags.
Dimensions: length 460mm x width 160mm x height 125mm LBT160 Set of 4
2 Tapsticks
Used by generations of children in schools and gym clubs, the Support Pack shows how indispensable these Tapsticks are for rhythm and aerobic activities. Also useful in skills acquisition and body preparation. Dimensions: length 225mm
LBT150 Set 12 3 Ropes
A whole-class aid to warm-up activities and gym rope games. Promote
a revival of traditional skipping rhymes. Play the ‘Washing Line Game’ – children start out as laundry in a basket and then become shirts, jumpers, trousers etc. feeling the effects of sun, wind and rain. This super game facilitates an awareness of shape and body preparation with simple conditioning and strengthening. The Support Pack is a great source of old and new games ideas.
Dimensions: length 12m
        LBT140 Pair
  The complete Box of Tricks will pack onto this trolley, supplied with LBT200 utilising the wooden steps as storage
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