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             1 Foam Cubes & Marker
Under the guidance of the Support Pack, these simple PVC covered cubes lead the way to the development of strength, condition, flexibility and locomotor skills. Use the chalk marker pen provided to write on the cube faces to make games or use in countless other ways to make exercise fun.
Dimensions: 150mm sq.
LBT130 Set of 6
2 Wobble & Rocker Boards
The Support Pack describes the use of both types of board to exercise and tone muscles as the child seeks to control balance or create movement. Partner work doubles the challenge.
Dimensions: 300mm dia. (or square)
LBT450 Wobble Board LBT460 Rocker Board
3 Launchers & Foam Balls
Co-ordination of hand, foot and eye was never so much fun. Children can progress from a stationary bean bag to a gently rolling foam ball. The set comprises 2 Launchers and 2 Foam Balls.
Dimensions: length 590mm x width 150mm
4 Padded Target & Missiles
Simply assembled by the children, this target board game combines skill and chance to keep children moving and thinking. The sewn on logos suggest locomotor activities and direction changes. The different missiles, bean bags, darts and disci, encourage different throwing techniques. Dimensions: length 540mm x width 910mm
5 Plain Target & Bean Bags
Again combining elements of skill and chance this Plain Target introduces youngsters to the idea of different body shapes at various heights. Complete with eight bean bags in primary colours. Dimensions: length 540mm x width 910mm
6 Striplines & Spinner
Each Stripline has a soft carpet surface bonded to a hard-wearing rubber anti-slip base. Striplines are used to develop movement and sequence building skills. Games incorporating the wooden Spinner encourage children to balance on large and small body parts, hop, jump, roll, twist or turn. Striplines can be used singly as gym mats or attached with the hook and loop flaps to form pairs or a square. Following the red lines develops basic beam/bench balance skills.
Dimensions: length 1500mm x width 300mm (per strip) LBT100 Set of 4
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